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How to create an awesome explainer video for a start-up?

There are no written laws to prepare an explainer video for a start-up firm. If you have a creative team within your circle, simply make a one. Or approach a very good branding agency or a media production company and get help from them. There are so many companies who are specialized in corporate video production, animation production and explainer videos.


Start-up is the word of this decade and every good idea makes the way to success. Youngsters come up with stunning ideas that can transform into brilliant business and venture capitalists are ready to pump in money and make their dreams come true. There are hundreds of IT and non-IT start-ups that already made in-roads to success history.


For any start-up, you need a medium to communicate to the world. Conventional methods like print ads or TV commercials will not work or not feasible for beginners. Any start-up requires capital and they bank on the funds provided by visionary venture capitalists. 

The first step lies here How to impress an investor with your idea? How to make them believe that you idea will work and yield results? The answer is simple. Make an explainer video that tells everything about your idea or your product in an impressive manner.

“First of all you should have a good script, containing the soul and blood of your idea or launched product/service. The rest steps are simple’”, said production expert who works for Dock Productions, a well known media production company who are engaged in various video production ventures, including explainer videos, animation videos, corporate video production and motion graphics. A few sitting with the creative team can deliver the result.

First you decide how do you want your presentation. Should it be animation, real life videos or motion graphics?. Story telling is the best method of explaining an idea. You script it as a story. How did it begin. How did your friends join?. How did you become confident enough to start the project etc.

Keep the following tips in mind while thinking of an explainer video.


  1. 1 .Follow KISS policy. Keep your content short and silly. Complex way of presentation invite boredom and it can harm it.
  2. 2.Speak in second person. Use words like ‘You’ and ‘Yours’
  3. 3.Include inspiring parameters.
  4. 4.Tell your vision clearly and simply. It should be practical and possible.

Understand your audience first. Who will be watching you video. Keep your audience in mind in every stage of its production. Never under-estimate them. Avoid too much self-praising and false promises. Try to be genuine and original.

Never compromise on quality. Your video is your signature and attitude. It should carry your spirit and approach. Take care of everything, colours, spelling, grammar, footage quality and voice overs. Impressive videos speak for you. It is the gateway to your future. So, you should have a very serious  approach in creating it. It should be self explanatory and it should reflect your enthusiasm and your confidence.




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